Founded by Victoria Lampley and Laurel Pantin, The Stax Advisory is a full service jewelry and style advisory and consultancy.

Whether the goal is to define an individual’s everyday personal style or curate a collection of impactful heirlooms, The Stax Advisory understands the intricacies of jewelry investments. Through our network of jewelers, designers, and showrooms, we’re able to offer clients unique access to the world of jewelry and style—all filtered through our expert eye.

Our mission is to develop an individual’s personal collection that truly reflects their style and story.

Inspired by her late mother's love of jewelry and the pieces she inherited, Victoria dreamed of helping others create the same connections to meaningful pieces. Whether designing and constructing fully bespoke jewelry or sourcing something special, she believes there are few talismans as powerful as jewelry. Drawing on her background in design and PR, Victoria brings her singular style and knowledge of jewelers to her clients, along with offering brands an expertise in events and publicity.

Laurel approaches jewelry from a technical perspective - endlessly fascinated by the mechanics of design and vintage trends. Having come from an editorial background she offers an expert eye along with an editor's ability to select the best.